Film Rats Club

Founded in 2017 by Actor/Director Martin Nwachukwu, The Film Rats Club is a community of circa 150 cinephiles across Nigeria i.e. film enthusiasts and filmmakers. These are people who in good faith propagate the gospel of good cinema, and celebrate the filmmakers who make them. With our focus on African cinema, we execute our mission by contributing thought leadership on cinema (critiques, reviews, articles, thesis), through film screenings, classes and interviews with/of industry personnel. Join Film Rats Club on InstagramTwitterYouTube.

About The Festival


TAFM is a film festival set up to spotlight the best and brightest of the future of African cinema with unique narratives and styles. It is a special initiative of Film Rats, a community of circa 150 cinephiles, i.e., film enthusiasts and filmmakers on a mission to educate, appreciate & document cinema, with sharp focus on African cinema.


The Film Rats Yellow Project

This is an innovation under the Film Rats Club. The Film Rats Yellow is made up of students from universities all over Nigeria.
The Yellow project is to encourage filmmaking students to hone their skills, and help display their creativity to a larger audience.
It is exclusively for low budget films (short or feature length). The films, upon completion, will be screened at the festival and archived in the Film Rats Library.

*Film Rats Yellow is open to students only.