Film Rats Club

The Film Club is a community of well-educated filmmakers and enthusiasts who, in good faith, propagate the gospel of good cinema, and celebrate filmmakers. Our members are those who are open to critical discussions and evaluations of their work and others.

About The Festival


This is a hybrid film festival hosted by the Film Rats Club. This edition will exhibit films created by members of the Film Rat club. Our mission is to screen the best of low-budget films with unique techniques, and style.
It is a gathering of storytellers and audiences seeking fresh perspectives to narratives, as it seeks to establish and sustain artistic excellence in African Cinema.

On Selections

Films selected will:
– not be older than 2years. (that is, films made before the year 2020 are not eligible)
– not be in theatrical distribution.
Allowances could be made, depending on the quality of the selection pool. In that case, much older films can be programmed.
The festival’s focus remains primarily on the programming of new films.
Apart from meeting the aforementioned requirements, the films must also be relevant Thematically & Aesthetically.
To ensure an absolute commitment to artistic merit, submitted films will be screened by a panel of screeners.


The Film Rats Yellow Project

This is an innovation under the film rats club. The Film Rats Yellow is made up of students from universities all over Nigeria.
The Yellow project is to encourage filmmaking students to hone their skills, and help display their creativity to a larger audience.
It is exclusively for low budget films (short or feature length). The films, upon completion, will be screened at the festival and archived in the Film Rats Library.

*Submissions for the Yellow Project are open to students only.