Irapada (2007): How to Build Cinematic Atmosphere

Irapada’s world is one where everything looks slightly off-kilter, where it feels like; beneath the surface, beyond what we can see, a dark presence lingers, boldly pulling the strings.

Christopher Okonkwo On Breaking Norms As A Filmmaker “The Age of Enlightenment is coming”

I wish I could change how people look at filmmakers who are not based in Lagos. They look at us with pity, like ‘we never start’. In a country of 36 states, I guess I wish the exposure would be equally shared. You shouldn’t have to be in Lagos to make it.

ALTAR BOYS – “She Winked At Me” and Other Stories

by Chris Anyanya Altar Boys hold a sacred position in the catholic faith. Their call to service requires them to be morally responsible; they are in many ways the future of the creed and their everyday life and practice should…

DEAR MAX – The Postman Never Returns

The interview with Nifemi Ogunlola, writer, editor and director of Dear Max and Naked by ‘Chukwu Martin. Shot in Agungi, Lekki area of Lagos Nigeria, the film sets up in 1995 following a postman’s letter to Nifemi’s protagonist, Helen played…

‘In Ibadan’ Director Taiwo Egunjobi on Zero Budget Nollywood.

by Ella Bakare Taiwo Egunjobi has been in the business of filmmaking for about 8 years, since the summer of 2013. FilmRats had a brief sit-down with the screenwriter, cinematographer and director to discuss filmmaking and “In Ibadan”, his debut…