The Clash Between Traditional and Western Religion: Yinusa A. Korede as a Mediator. 

This is not our first conversation. Although my mind is transient, it’s the third conversation we will be having after I got familiar with the name: Yinusa A. Korede. Without lumping the, though casual and spontaneous, film-focused conversations together, here is an attempt to recall them. Korede’s film, Flesh and Spirit, which is the subject […]

ABÉ NI – “…the picture of helplessness”

Written by Francisca Eleyele and directed by ‘Chukwu Martin, Abe Ni is about one of the most dehumanizing cultural practices still rampant today: female genital mutilation. It refers to the cultural practice of removing whether in part or in whole, the external female genital organ for non-therapeutic reasons. It is a form of violence and […]

Making of King dissects the West’s relationship with Africa

In the first scene of the 1596 play, The Merchant of Venice, one of the main characters, Antonio, likens the world to a stage:  I hold the world but as the world, Gratiano;A stage where every man must play a part,And mine a sad one. — Act I, Scene I A few years later, when Shakespeare’s […]

Seun Afolabi’s “Atoka” is a Contemplative Homage to Iseyin

There is something visually and mentally appealing about Atoka’s opening scene. The scene is set and shot on a mountaintop, far from the bedlam of modernity. This scene later evolves into a poetic sequence that introduces the film’s major cast and their distinct identities: Adufe (Seyitan Adeyemi) is the mild-mannered Nigerian youth passionate about education, […]

The Annual Film Mischief Dispatch #2

The second day of The Annual Film Mischief 2023 expands on the social consciousness of Day 1. Shooting the culture can also be described as stoking the embers of topics we like to run away from or think of as controversial. The place and significance of the female gender in the Nigerian society continues to […]

The Annual Film Mischief 2023 Dispatch #1

The idea of a festival dispatch is to summarize the proceedings of a day from the vantage point of a unifying theme. The search for a theme that makes sense of everything can be fun, but there’s always the danger of shoehorning varied expressions into a preformed perception. The Annual Film Mischief 2023 (TAFM’23) is […]


It was a celebration of eclectic films at the just concluded 2nd edition of TAFM’23. The four-day festival, held physically across Accra, Abuja and Lagos, came to a close on Sunday, April 30th 2023 with Awaiting Trial – a documentary by Chude Jideonwo. The festival involved physical screenings, a virtual day for virtual film screenings, […]


Nwakego Boyo Producer, Actress Nigeria Chief Juror Nwakaego Boyo (professionally known as "Ego Boyo") is an internationally renowned and accomplished award winning actor, producer & entrepreneur. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Temple Productions and Temple Media. She has over 30 years of experience and expertise in consulting, producing, and financing premium award-winning [...]


April 3rd, 2023 Press Release  On 27 April 2023, The Annual Film Mischief (TAFM) will return for its second Pan African edition. This year, our theme is #ShootTheCulture. This theme is a call to action for us to tell stories that reflect and celebrate our uniqueness in an innovative and global way. It also refers […]