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Nwakego Boyo
Producer, Actress
Chief Juror

Nwakaego Boyo (professionally known as “Ego Boyo”) is an internationally renowned and accomplished award winning actor, producer & entrepreneur. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Temple Productions and Temple Media. She has over 30 years of experience and expertise in consulting, producing, and financing premium award-winning films and media content.

As an actress, Ego Boyo became a household name in 1991 when she made her professional acting debut in the critically acclaimed Soap opera “Checkmate'” on the Nigeria Television Authority.

Temple has produced award-winning feature films such as “The Ghost And The House Of Truth” (2019), “Hotel Called Memory” (2017), “Thirty Days” (2006), “Keeping Faith: Is That Love?” (2002), “Violated” (1996) and short films such as “Disruption” and “Lessons from Ukom”. Ego Boyo received Best Picture nominations at AMAA for “The Ghost And The House Of Truth” (2019), “Hotel Called Memory” (2017), “Thirty Days” (2006). Temple has also produced television advertisements, presidential campaign videos and jingles, music videos, and corporate and social realism documentaries for private and corporate clients.

Ego is a member of numerous boards such as Tempio Media Advocacy (Trustee), Lagos Fringe Theatre Festival (Chair), Mirabel Centre (the first sexual assault referral centre (SARC) in Nigeria), Lagos Preparatory and Secondary School (Non Executive Director).

Amartei Amar
Director, Screenwriter

Amartei Arman; A room; styrofoam shells from TV packages; Kente Cloth; an array of Star Wars toys with that classic 1995 “Power of the Force” Millennium Falcon and his older brother. This was all that Amartei Armar needed to fuel his imagination and it served to be the beginning of his journey towards becoming a storyteller through film.

The product of a Ghanaian father and an American mother, he found topics surrounding identity, immigration and the human need to feel a sense of belonging both utterly fascinating and conflicting, having spent most of his life moving back and forth between the two countries.

Upon completing his BA in Film Production at the University of British Columbia, he completed his first film “Arc”, which went on to screen successfully at many international festivals such as Vancouver Short Film Festival, winning “Best Student Short Award”.

He later moved back to Ghana permanently in 2017, teaming up with Ghanaian producer, Yemoh Ike, working together to create “Vagabonds”, his first film shot in his “fatherland” Ghana. The film’s highest achievement was winning the Oscar qualifying “1st Prize Award” in the Short Film World Competition at the Montreal World Film Festival. His most recent short film “Tsutsus” was in the Official Selection for the Cannes Film Festival in 2022; a first for Sub-Saharan Africa. In between directing and producing various types of films, he spends his time writing stories of adventure. Currently he is preparing to direct his first feature length film, “Vagabonds” which will be set in Ghana.

Kabelo Thathe
Cinematographer, Producer
South Africa

Kabelo Thathe is an internationally acclaimed and renowned cinematographer and producer. Whilst he would prefer more hours in the day to perfect the shot, there is not a lot Kabelo Thathe would change about his job. Despite growing up wanting to become a marine biologist, it was the strong pull of film that eventually lured him to its shores in 2000.

Having finished high school in Minnesota, Kabelo soon realized that he was deeply influenced by everything he saw and experienced around him. He sees the world in pictures, particularly beautiful ones. So he made it his job to become a cinematographer; finding frames that resonate with people is where he gets his kicks. No matter the challenges on the day, Kabelo loves that he gets to amplify the amazing stories of those around him.

Once that kid who pasted movie posters on his bedroom wall, he’s now the guy who gets to create those images for the next generation of wide eyed DOP’s.

Having trained at the prestigious AFDA in South Africa, he was recently featured in Variety’s “10 Cinematographers To Watch Are a Rising Force in 2021”. Some of his acclaimed film credits include “Vaya” (2016), “The Ghost And The House Of Truth” (2019),

“Seriously Single” (2020), “Rise” (2022). He received AMA nominations for Best Cinematography for “Vaya” (2016), “The Ghost And The House Of Truth” (2019). His films have screened at international film festivals like TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), AFRIFF (Africa International Film Festival), Sydney Film Festival, (Berlin International Film Festival) to name a few.

Loukman Ali
Director, Cinematographer

Loukman Ali, is a versatile creative who works as a director, cinematographer, screenwriter, producer and graphic designer.
He wrote, directed and co-produced ‘Girl in the Yellow Jumper’. It won Best Feature film in East Africa at the AMVCA and Best Director at the Real-time International film festival.
In 2021, Loukman wrote & directed ‘The Blind Date’, the first in an anthology series. ‘The Blind Date’ won Best Short Film by at the Uganda Film Festival (2021) and was nominated for Best Short Film at the Durban International Film Festival (2021).

The second installment to The Blind Date, ‘Sixteen Rounds’ also launched in 2021. It won Best Short Film at the Mashariki African Film Festival (2021) and Durban International Film Festival (2022). It was also nominated for Best Short Film at Luxor African Film Festival (2022) and Uganda Film Festival (2022).

In 2022, Loukman directed Brotherhood, which was the highest grossing film in Nigerian box office in 2022 and in 2023, he directed

“Katera of the punishment Island” as the Ugandan winner of the Netflix & UNESCO ‘African folktales, reimagined’ short film competition.

Magdelene Morton
Editor, Director

Magdalene Morton is a filmmaker with a specialty in editing and directing. Her editorial portfolio includes work in films, TV shows, music videos, and educational videos. Her enthusiasm for big screen storytelling is matched only by her total dedication to the craft of filmmaking, thus, she is an alumnus of National Film and Television institute (NAFTI) Ghana, New York Film Academy (Masters in Filmmaking) and is also a Fulbright Scholar alumnus.

Magdalene worked at NAFTI and also did a lot of volunteer work by teaching teenagers in Junior High Schools film editing. She also volunteered as festival coordinator for diva Women’s Film Festival for the years 2017 and 2018.

She worked as an editor at Abbson, a production company in Los Angeles, California. Her film credits include “Little Problems Vol.1” and television credits include “Cocoa Brown” and “The Delay Show”. Magdalene has edited music videos for Efya, Manifest ft Burna Boy, Sarkodie, Cina Soul to name a few.


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