Psychoanalysis Of Movie Characters: A Study Of Troy Maxon In Fences And The Narrator/ Tyler Durden In Fight Club by Moses Ipadeola

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One of the greatest and the noblest arts in the world no doubt is the art of making others happy. And centuries over centuries, periods after periods, theatre art has been a major source of happiness and entertainment to people irrespective of their race or colour. Psychoanalysis, a psychology and dramatic literature tool used in investigating the human psyche and the unconscious remains one of the most interesting and complicated branches of both literary and film criticism. Amongst numerous ideal film characters which can be subjected to psychoanalytic film criticism, this study shall plunge into the depths of two film characters whose behavioural pattern and psyche shall be investigated through texts, sights and sound. This would even give more understanding to the film which one could have watched for mere entertainment.

The choice of characters to be studied includes one black character and a white character just to distance one’s self from the bias of race or color, but rather focus on the human mind which functions almost the same way. Therefore, the researcher will try to illuminate some more on the human behavioural pattern and psyche through Troy Maxon and Tyler Durden of Fences and Fight Club as directed by Denzel Washington and David Fincher respectively.





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