DON’T BE A CINEMA FOOL written by Film Rats

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Hi there Movie lover,

We are the Film Rats and just like you, we love movies.

Again, just like you too, we have had our fair share of hissing and cursing after spending our hard earned money on a poor movie. So, you see, we are alike. We are your friends.

As friends, we are going to give you a gift.

A valuable gift.

It’s a list.

A list that has saved us from pain so many times.

What are the things to consider when choosing a Nigerian movie to see at the cinema?

  1. Read the synopsis of the movie and be sure it’s a story you want to see. A lot of our movies fail to communicate what they are all about in their synopses. Read it. Ask yourself the key questions:

-Is the story clear?

-Does it read/sound interesting?

-Is it worth my hard-earned money? (well, might not be your money)

-Am I seeing this because it’s all over Instagram and my friends are shouting about it or I actually want to see this movie?

  1. Don’t let the Instagram faces fool you. Just like you, we love our Instagram celebs. Again, don’t forget that we are human like you.

Their skits are funny.

Their dance moves are alluring.

They look peng, frosh or whatever.

But no, all these don’t mean they can act for shit.

Sometimes they just mess things up. History tells us that. Suspect a movie with too many of these faces. We are not telling to ignore movies like these, or maybe we are…. It’s up to you.

  1. Finally, not all the comedies will make you laugh.

Don’t be fooled. That a filmmaker describes their movie as a comedy, or that the poster of the movie is filled with faces of your favourite Instagram celebs doesn’t mean it is comedy.

You see, over here, “comedy” sometimes means something else— strange, headache-inducing, glorified skits.

Again, there are some that try to be funny but nah, they don’t hit it.


Be guided.


Yours affectionately,

Film Rats Club



  1. Don’t go see a movie because of peer pressure…See it because you want to.. Just like me..lool.. I find that fascinating.. nice

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