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Ajoche, Africa Magic’s Epic Series ended recently, and the humans at Film Rats Nigeria took it upon themselves to remind us why our love for Ajoche was a love at first sight.

Before we learnt to balance our love and hate for Oufuni, the Mistress of poisons and the pestilence of Ochuluje; before her relationship with Akajo became hashtag couple goals; before we begun to think up the worst of deaths for General Apeh and say prayers each time there was a ploy to kill Alechenu or whenever he was fated with ill luck, there were a number of reasons that kept us glued to the screen as we awaited the resolution with bittersweet expectations:

1. The Cast
Ajoche had some of our favourite stars gracing our screens. It was a fine blend of old nollywood and new nollywood. Casts ranged from the likes of Femi Branch and Hilda Dokubo to the likes of Lota Chukwu and Akah Nnani. Plus the infusion of BBNaija favourites, Tboss and Black Bassey. What better bait? BBNaija ex housemates are all stars in their own rights with fandoms willing to go lengths and breadths for them. Ajoche had a fine medley of fans- the older generation who came to relish the rush of nostalgia that came with seeing their favourite actors and the young BBNaija superfans, congregated in their thousands, seized the opportunity to stan their stars, ensured that #AMAjoche remained trending on Twitter each weeknight.

2. Eye Candy
Anyone who followed Ajoche commentary on Twitter would most likely remember the feverish rave over Lota’s bosom in the first week but hey, Lota isn’t the only eye candy here. While there are other pretty maidens/damsels in Ochuluje, it is the men of Ajoche, those dark toned chiseled beings that left us drooling and united us in open lust. Those luscious bodies surely kept our eyes stuck thirsting for more candy. Who spits sweetness out?

3. Child Actors
Child actors is not a staple in Nigerian entertainment, be it in film or on TV. Ajoche afforded us an opportunity to see young ones take on the arduous job, acting is, a reminder that there’s more to being a child than being simply cute or another reason for an “oh my ovaries” outcry. While a lot was left to be desired by most of the child actors’ delivery, however the girl who played younger Elakeche (Onyiyenchi) was such a delight to watch; haven’t seen a more talented Nigerian child actor since the naughty boys of Ebonylife’s Desperate Housewives Africa.

4. The Title Sequence
Even if a previous episode’s cliffhanger wasn’t suspense enough, Ajoche’s theme song/opening sequence is reason enough to tune in. The song’s melancholic yet upbeat tempo sets the mood for the drama, intrigue and thrill that Ajoche promises.

5. Daring
Seven bows for Ajoche’s audacity! Ajoche took us back a century in time to Idomaland in present day Benue state. Any form of history reconstruction is not child’s play, we know this and this perhaps drew most of us to see them excel or fail at it. From the very impressive set of huts and thatched structures situated on four acres of land in Amen Estate Lekki, Lagos to the beautiful primordial costumes and hairstyles, we see that the over 80 people led by producer James Omokwe and Head Writer, Tunde Aladese that brought us Ajoche did not fail at depicting early 20th century Idomaland. Another indicator that this people did not come to play is the fire that razed Aboh in the first week and thus settled us on the edge of our seats through the 260 episodes that left us pulsing, hissing, cussing, laughing and crying and in the end, exhilarated when Alechenu was finally crowned King.

Ajoche is a period series set in early 20th century, Idomaland. Ajoche tells an epic story of a kingdom whose King goes on a bloody rampage after his pregnant Queen is mysteriously murdered. What would follow is a riveting story of war, love, revenge and betrayal.

Ajoche starred talented actors such as Femi Branch, Lota Chukwu, Akah Nnani, Efa Iwara, Lucy Ameh, Hilda Dokubo, Williams Benson and hosts writers such as Tunde Aladese, Xavier Ighorodje, Oluyomi Ososanya, Nne Nlemadim and the late Osang Abeng.


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