“Girls are the new Boys” 🧀A CHEESY CONVERSATION with TUNDE OLAOYE

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🧀In our Cheesy conversations now is TUNDE OLAOYE, a Nigerian Director/Writer/ Film Editor and Voice over Artiste. He’s the Director of Jenifas Diary, the blockbuster ‘Married But Living Single’, Papa Ajasco Reloaded and many others. IG. @tundeolaoyedirect

We decided to post some of the remarkable words he said.

“Why I think if we really desire to use visual storytelling as a tool for change, we should have the common man as our primary audience and infuse our messages of change within their expected fantasies.
Be bold, over-prepare, know your script more than any actor, learn emotions, know something about everything, collaborate, you are not a god (sorry Thespians) , be open to ideas but protect your original inspiration.
I always say, girls are the new boys. African women have been relegated for too long. For many years, we only saw women in make up and costumes, meanwhile God hasn’t given men any better brain than women. By the time women realized they could do some of this things, they took it with all their strength just like when a woman knows how to drive at last, the fear is gone. Women always go all out when they are finally ready to do anything, so I am not surprised. Directing isn’t a gender thing, women now know and they are going all out for it.
One of the ways we can protect writers is for the industry to have a legal framework to guide practices in the industry.
Do your research, know your audience, you’ll get better with hardwork. Be open minded.
You can’t force your fantasies on people. If they have to pay, you do their own fantasies. If you get a grant and you are not expecting ROI, you can ignore market research and risk making something new, Peharps it will change perceptions.
I would say getting started was more difficult, it is an unregulated and saturated trade(not even an industry), so sometimes your passion and talent might not be enough to be recognized. A lot of other factors like working out your luck will be involved”.

Picked & Pieced from Cheesy Conversations with Tunde Olaoye on the Film Rats Club whatsapp group.

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